Silent Gliss Curtain Track – What it is And Also Exactly What it Can Do For Your Windows

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Developeded in Switzerland in the early 1950’s, the brilliant suggestion of a Swiss designer to establish this initial track system which led to the structure of Silent Gliss. Silent Gliss Curtain Track and other curtain and also blind systems made by the business are covered by their special 5-year assurance. The majority are created to be operative in both the residential and also business markets which offers you an extensive option as well as adaptability of item usage. Backed by the globally recognized seal of high quality administration ISO 9001, they supply an unmatched degree of quality and also solution throughout their whole variety of products.

Silent Gliss curtain track is a precision engineered aluminium track and also is located throughout the world, guaranteeing smooth, hassle-free procedure. It offers an extensive variety which covers systems from light-weight direct fix to systems appropriate for extremely heavy interlined curtains. Utilizing the straightforward mix of high-grade nylon and the precision-engineered aluminium track, the curtain track is the most effective system readily available.

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Cord operated Silent Gliss Curtain Track avoids the soiling of curtains by regular handling and enable the individual to manage heavy, tough or unpleasant to reach curtains. All of the cable operated tracks, have interior cord channels – or tunnels, which avoid the cables from jumping out that makes the Silent Gliss Curtain track particularly ideal for bent or swept bay windows as well as bay windows which require reverse bends, which bring the drapes back out into the room.

Readily available are a range of trustworthy and efficient electrically operated drape track systems, which can be run by remote control. They are made for meeting theaters, areas, and also auditoriums as well as the residential market where ease and convenience in addition to an additional sense of security are significant factors to consider. The motor is attached direct to the bottom of the track into a gear housing, where a toothed Teflon belt easily transfers the curtain to and fro.

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