shower window curtain ideas

Creating an interesting bathroom design can be done in so many ways. One of those is by installing shower curtain with matching window curtain. Basically, both of the curtains hold a function as covering. The shower curtain is for covering the shower room in order to avoid water splashes too much in all over bathroom as well as adding better quality privacy in the room. The window curtain can function as something to cover bathroom window so every activities done inside the bathroom cannot be seen from outside. Aesthetically, the curtains can also be functioned as bathroom accessories that can also make the bathroom looks more appealing. Of course, the look can only be obtained when the right choice of pattern and color is considered rightly for the curtains.

The Importance of Waterproof Characteristic

When choosing shower curtain with matching window curtain, it is very important for you to pay attention to the waterproof characteristic of the curtains. Waterproof curtains are always the most suitable ones for bathroom area. This room is not only very close to the use of water in more than just one time in every single day. This is also the room which is usually more humid than any other rooms in the house. Choosing curtains that are not water proof is not a good idea. This will not only create a possibility for the curtains to be damaged by water little by little. The damp curtains will also make the room smells bad so it will not be comfortable anymore for you to spend time in there.

Get More Than Just One Curtain for More Looks

Another interesting thing you may be interested in when decorating bathroom with shower curtain with matching window curtain is the possibility for you to create more different looks by the help of the curtains. In this case, you will need not only a shower curtain and a window curtain but more. The more matching curtains you have the more looks you can create in your bathroom at home. Besides, this kind of curtain is not a thing you can use without any replacing once in a while, right? Sometimes, you need to wash the curtains in order to make those stay clean and hygienic. When washing times come, it is the time for you to use other matching curtains to cover shower area and window in the bathroom while at the same time you also create a new interesting look in there.

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